This section explains how "Why are you here?" and our online store「"Why are you here?," "we," "us," "our"」utilizes customer's personal data and our protection practices.

How and What Data do we Collect?

As an online commerce website, we process and collect customer's personal data when they select to use our services. These services include but are not are not limited to: registering an online shopping account, completing online forms or question forms, opting to subscribe to our email newsletters, and any correspondence via phone, email or social networking (including mobile devices). Customer information may also be collected when a customer visits our shop in Osaka to further enhance their shopping experience or for future shopping correspondences with the consent of customer. When the customer decides to use any of our services, they are consenting to our Privacy Policy and right to collect, use, retain and protect the customer's personal information.

How do we Use Personal Data?

At "Why are you here?," we use collected personal data during the ordering process (including past shopping history in our store) to ensure a smooth online shopping experience. To do this, we may have to collect the following information on the customer: full name, address, phone number, email address, social media account (product raffles, registration forms, competitions etc), financial information (PayPal, bank account number, debit or credit card information). Each customer receives a unique Customer Number for their online shopping account, and we do not use your data for any other reasons than the ones listed below.

(1)To introduce our products and services to customers when requested by customer
(2)To allow customers to place orders, to check on order status, shipping orders, changes in order including cancelling, returns or defective products.
(3)To answer customer inquiries or assist with problems, status, or other order-related communications
(4)To respond to customer's opinions or impressions with our services.
(5)To contact customer under special circumstances dealing with orders and unexpected problems.

Protecting your Personal Data

To protect customer's data, we do all we can to reduce malicious access to data including: using Secure Socket Layer (“SSL”) to encrypt data sent during the order process (including any financial information such as PayPal, credit or debit card details), having customers create and remember a password to access their account on our web shop, regularly monitoring our services for suspicious activities, maintaining our servers, and ensuring our IT systems are up to date against vulnerabilities or malicious attacks.

Despite these efforts, we can not ensure 100% security with Internet transmission of information and thus cannot guarantee the security of your personal data transmitted to or through our Services, and any such transmission is at your own risk. In the case of personal data theft or related problems, we will quickly take appropriate measures to stop the leak in our system and strengthen our security against future problems.

Personal Data and Third-Party Affiliates

'Why are you here?" does not share customer's personal data with any third-party affiliates, except in the cases stated below:
(1)With the consent of the customer to provide information
(2)Personal data of customer is ordered by government for surveillance of suspected illegal activities
(3)When customer needs service only provided by our business partners, at the permission of said customer

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